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The road to success begins with a solid education. Children who are given the opportunity to learn will grow up to be our nation's next leaders. And because education should be part of a lifelong journey, these organizations allow you to help both young and old explore new paths. {More on Education}

Unfortunately, not all of us enjoy healthy and disease-free lives. Many Americans lack access to health care and face persistent health disparities. Whether its obesity, diabetes, AIDS, birth defects, cancer or mental health, you can make a difference by supporting one of these organizations. {More on Health}

It truly does come first. These organizations envision accident-free homes, respond to emergencies, and combat abuse. {More on Safety}

It's not just shelters and soup kitchens, although they need your help, too. Here you'll find opportunities to build houses, feed schoolchildren, or address the root causes of hunger. {More on Hunger/Homelessness}

Communities are the backbone of America. Our neighborhoods, churches, and friends allow us to join together to collectively make a difference. Build and strengthen our communities by supporting one of these organizations. {More on Community}

Disaster Relief
When disaster strikes, Americans always respond in selfless and incredible ways. By supporting a disaster relief organization, you're helping people rebuild their lives and you're keeping our country safe and strong. {More on Disaster Relief}

Protecting our waters, forests, air, and wildlife has global importance that impacts every aspect of our lives. Invest in the future of the planet by supporting these organizations that work to protect and preserve the environment. {More on Environment}

Nothing lights up a room like a child's smile. And nothing makes them smile more than when they are self-confident and strong. Give our children the assurance and skills they need to succeed by giving to these organizations. {More on Children}

Our nation's elderly are a precious resource. We need to honor them. To cherish them. To thank them. You can give back to the elderly by giving to these organizations that support them. {More on Seniors}

Animals are essential to the balance and wonder of the world. They are our neighbors, our companions, our best friends. Offer your support to an organization that helps animals live in harmony with humans and nature. Or an organization that prevents cruelty, finds homes for homeless pets and protects our animal friends. {More on Animals}

These organizations can quickly provide you with opportunities to donate or volunteer in your area.
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